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Tournament Types


All tournaments are free to play and have NO buy-in costs.
Players must be 21 years or older to play.

For the in between Tournaments, depending on the participation of players determines what the prize to be. As of this posting For the Annual Tournament $2000.00 will be awarded the winner.



Who Can Play: Any person 21 years or older
Where: Locations throughout Boise
When: Every day of the week
Prizes: Depending on attendance Normally 1st – $20 Bar Tab, 2nd – $10 Bar Tab, Everyone – League Points

Daily Tournaments are played every day of the week at participating bars and restaurants. Participants earn league points for participation in order to qualify for our Bi-Monthly and Annual Tournament, and top 2 or 3 (Depending on the Establishment) finishers win bar tabs. There are no limits to the number of Daily Tournaments you can enter, and players are encouraged to play as often as possible. Most locations have both early and late evening start times. See our Master Schedule for a complete listing of all Daily Tournaments.


Who Can Play: Anyone who has played in previous two months.
Where: Rotates
When: Every Other Month
Prizes: Cash and/or Prizes for the top 10 Finishers, Entry into Annual Tournament for top 10 Finishers

The Bi-Monthly Tournament is played every other month and is rotated amoung the participating Bars and Restraunts in the League. Any player who has played in 4 Daily Tournament sessions in the previous two months are invited to play. Players who make it to the final table (10 players) will earn cash and/or prizes whose value will vary based on the total number of participants. In addition, The 10 individuals at the final table receive an automatic entry into the Annual Tournament.


Who Can Play: Top 100 Players in League Standings
Where: Rotates
When: May
Prizes: $2000.00 cash

The Annual Tournament is played in May every year and is a winner take all tournament. Players qualify by being in the top 100 in the League standings or by qualifying through one of the Bi-Monthly Tournaments. There are no stand by players for this tournament, you must meet one of the two qualifying requirements to play.

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

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Qs Billiards and Eatery
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