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Rules for Play and Conduct

  1. Players must register before playing and must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. Each player will receive a unique player number assigned to them by Chip and a Chair Free Seat (CCFS).
  3. Players referring new players will receive 2 points provided that the referring player’s name is put on the sign up sheet at the time of initial sign-up and the player getting the referral, play that session.
  4. Attention: There is absolutely NO gambling of currency or items of value from any player. No currency (foreign or domestic) is to be placed on the table. Violating this rule is grounds for removal from the league.
  5. Players will find a position at the table, sign-in, get chips out and be ready to play by start of game or may forfeit position to another player.
  6. Each player starts with 4,100 in chips: 7 Blue(500ea), 5 Red(100ea), 4 White(25ea). Chips and Cards must remain on or above the table at all times. Players cannot give, borrow, or loan chips to or from other players. Chips have no cash value.
  7. The initial dealer position will be determined by a spread and pick of the cards. Highest card being the dealer. If matching cards are drawn the players with matching cards will re-draw until a dealer is chosen. A new dealer is chosen in this same manner each time that 4 or more new players are added to a table and also at the final table.
  8. The deal will rotate to the left after each hand is played. If a player cannot shuffle or deal and another player at the table is willing to deal or shuffle for them, this will be allowed. If a player is too intoxicated to shuffle or deal they will not be allowed to play, the host will remove their chips and determine when they can return to play. Players cannot show their cards to anyone.
  9. Big Blind will start at 2 white (50) chips and the Small Blind will start at 1 white (25) chip. Blinds will be raised according to the chip-up chart every 15 minutes regardless of the chip count of those still playing.
  10. After each phase of dealing the cards, they should be placed back on the table. Rabbiting (turning remaining cards to see if someone MAY have won) is NOT ALLOWED. If at any time the dealer lowers the deck below the table or fans the deck, their hand is mucked, if player continues to violate these rules they will be banned from CCFS.
  11. When players are eliminated from the table, the blinds will continue to the 2 individuals left of the dealer. If a player sits in the Big Blind they are the Big Blind, if the Small Blind is not changed. If one player enters in the position of the Small Blind they must sit out until the deal passes. If the Small and Big Blinds are new to the table they are not allowed to play that hand until the deal has passed them.
  12. At chip up the host will combine tables to even out the number of players at each table. If a player moves without permission from the host their chips will be forfeited for that session, if player continues to violate this rule they will be banned from CCFS.
  13. If you are not in your seat when the dealer finishes dealing your cards they will be mucked, (use discretion with this rule not to exceed 15 seconds ie. bathroom break). If a player is continually abusing the 30 second rule to slow the play of the game their chips will be pulled and the player will be banned from CCFS. Your 30 seconds will be judged by the players at the table.
  14. String betting is not allowed. After one warning the player will be disqualified from the session.
  15. A Bounty will be assigned each session. This is worth 10 points if the initial player goes all the way to first place. When a player takes it at the final table, 5 points will be awarded. Bounty points are awarded to any final 9 positions.
  16. All standard Texas Hold’em rules will apply. CCFS rules supersede any other rule. CCFS rules are in place to keep the game fun and easy to play.
  17. Limited seating at venues will force hosts to create a waiting list. No person is allowed in the session after the chip-up to 500/1000. Players who arrive before the start of the game and cannot get a seat will be put on a waiting list. When their name is called they will be seated and NO chip penalty enforced.
  18. Players that come in late, 30 minutes or more, will be assessed a penalty fee of the combined blinds (ie…100/200=300, 200/400=600) placed in the pot at the first hand they are dealt cards. This is to encourage players to be on time.
  19. If you start a game and have to leave for any reason, no other players will be allowed to play your chips. If you leave for a legitimate reason with no intention of returning, notify the host and they will pick up your chips and take them out of play, the chips WILL NOT be split up, and you will be eliminated from the game. If the Host determines that you showed up and go all in just for the points you will not receive points. If you only need to leave for a short period of time, then the other players will post your blinds until you return, you may only miss 2 blind sets, then your chips will be pulled.
  20. Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated and will subject the player to elimination from that event and possible elimination from any future CCFS events. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to vulgar language, gestures, threats, inappropriate touching, throwing things, arguing with other players, hosts, wait staff, management, or owners of venues, or any action deemed inappropriate by the host. Any damage done to the property of a venue will be grounds for immediate elimination from current and future CCFS events. If you are kicked out of any venue for any reason you will be banned from CCFS.
  21. Players caught cheating will be banned from current and future events promoted by CCFS.
  22. Any disputes or decisions will be settled or made by CCFS host and/or CCFS management and will be final. Please call the host to the table at the first sign of a problem.
  23. Hosts may compete for prizes.
  24. Any and all rules are subject to change without notice.
  25. There are no designated dealers at the tables, The host can assign a designated dealer.
  26. If a card is accidentally flipped over for any reason during the deal, the card that was turned over becomes the burn card. If during the flop, turn or river an extra card is flipped, the hand is mucked and must be re-dealt. If a player sees another players card, that card is mucked. If two cards are seen or turned up in the same hand it is a mucked hand and will be re-dealt.
  27. If at any point there becomes a problem regarding the way the cards are dealt, or the community cards are turned, notify the host and let them solve the problem.
  28. If there is a split pot the dealer, a designated player, or the host will divide the chips evenly between the winners of the hand, chips should be broke down to the smallest amount possible, if there is a leftover chip, it goes to the player left of the dealer that is in that hand, if there are two then the two people in the hand left of the dealer receives the chips.
  29. If a player does not sign up on a table sheet, and does not notify the host before the end of the session they will not receive points, this includes bounty and final table points. If players do not print name and number clearly so the host can read it, they will not receive points, this is VERY IMPORTANT!
  30. If players do not have their player card number, print name (first and last) clearly on sign-up sheet.


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